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Premier iPhone Repair has been in business since 2012. We specialize in smartphone and tablet repair. Mainly iPhone and iPad Repair. We can also perform repairs on Samsung, Google Pixel, HTC, and LG portable devices.

We do not have a storefront. We feel it is more valuable to our customers to go right to them and perform repairs at their location. We regularly make office and house visits. We can also do repairs at your local coffee shop, restaurant, bar, park, job site, or just about anywhere really.

No one plans on breaking their phone so why waste time when you could have us come right to you? This is why our customers love our service. It’s so convenient!

When it comes to part quality, there are many different options available in today’s market. We prefer to use only the highest quality screens we can find. You may see lower priced repair services and this is why. They’re using low quality parts. We could do that too but feel that our customers deserve only the best.

Our workmanship is top notch. We hold ourselves to very high standards and do our absolute best to restore your device to as close to new as possible. Our technicians go through a very detailed training apprenticeship. We test all functionality before and after our repairs to uncover any issues our customers didn’t notice with their device. We perform post-repair testing to ensure our customers devices are fully operational.

If you’ve cracked or shattered your iPhone or iPad screen we’ll be happy to help! contact us now to see why our customers love Premier iPhone Repair!

Call us 🙂 303-261-7817

Email us 🙂 contact@premieriphonerepair.com

Click here to see pricing https://premieriphonerepair.com/featured-repairs-new/

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