Not sure of which iPhone or iPad model you have? Here is how to find out.

Over the years we’ve found that many folks aren’t exactly sure which model of phone or tablet they’re using. Fortunately it’s really easy to find out! This is especially important to us because replacement parts are specific to each model. There are a few different ways to find out

For iPhone and iPad all you have to do is go to Settings then General then About. If your device is up to date it will say which model it is right there! This is the easiest way. But what if your screen isn’t working?

If your screen isn’t working you can look at that back for iPhone models 6 through 7 Plus. There will be a bunch of tiny writing on the back. Apple model number always start with an “A” followed by four digits. Example A1660. If you can’t see it because it’s so small then just snap a picture with a friends phone and zoom in on the picture! A quick Google search will reveal which model you have! Or just tell us. We have most of them memorized.

For the iPhone 8 through 11 Pro Max the model number is printed on the inside of the frame of the phone where the SIM card tray goes in. You can find the SIM card tray by looking for a little hole on the side of your phone. Paperclips are great tools for popping SIM card trays out. Don’t worry, the SIM card itself only fits in the tray one way. So you won’t mess it up by removing it. Once you have it out, angle the phone the right way and you’l see the model number printed on the inside of the phone. How did they do that? We’re not sure. But that’s awesome.

Another way is to plug your phone into your computer and open up iTunes. If you don’t already have iTunes installed it’s a free download. When you have your phone plugged in it will show up in iTunes and say which model it is. If you don’t see it just click on the little picture of the iPhone in the top left corner of the iTunes window.

Here is a link to our pictorial guide on how to find your model number.

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